• A Fighting Man of Mars (Barsoom #7)
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    A Fighting Man of Mars (Barsoom #7)

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    Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Barsoom series: #7

    Country: United States

    Language: English

    Genre: Science Fantasy novel

    Published: 1931

    Origin: Project Gutenberg

    The story is purportedly relayed back to earth via the Gridley Wave, a sort of super radio frequency previously introduced in Tanar of Pellucidar, the third of Burrough’s Pellucidar novels, which thus provides a link between the two series. The story-teller is Ulysses Paxton, protagonist of the previous novel, The Master Mind of Mars, but this story is not about him; rather, it is the tale of Tan Hadron of Hastor, a lowly, poor padwar (a low-ranking officer) who is in love with the beautiful, haughty Sanoma Tora, daughter of Tor Hatan, a minor but rich noble. As he is only a padwar, Sanoma spurns him. Then Sanoma Tora is kidnapped, and the novel moves into high gear.

    As Tan Hadron crosses Mars (“Barsoom”, as Burroughs calls it) searching for Sanoma Tora, he encounters some of Barsoom’s most ferocious beasts: huge, many-armed, flesh-eating white apes, gigantic spiders, and the insane cannibals of U-Gor. He also meets the mad scientist Phor Tak, who cackles “Heigh-oo!” and is crazed with the desire for revenge.

    The initial simplicity of Burroughs’ well-worn pursuit plot is elaborated by Hadron’s rescue of an escaped slave, Tavia, from a band of six-limbed green Tharks, en route to the city of Jahar where Hadron believes Sanoma Tora has been taken. Tavia is an atypical Burroughs heroine; depicted as self-reliant and competent with weapons, witty and intelligent, she compares favorably for both reader and Hadron with beautiful but shallow Sanoma Tora, who ultimately shows herself unworthy of the virtuous hero. With the addition of Nur An, a disaffected Jaharian warrior, and another escaped woman slave, Phao, Hadron’s quest becomes more collaborative than Burroughs’ usual, although Tavia, in an unsurprising plot development, is revealed to be a princess at the end. — wikipedia


    Chapter I. Sanoma Tora
    Chapter II. Brought Down
    Chapter III. Cornered
    Chapter IV. Tavia
    Chapter V. To the Pits
    Chapter VI. Sentenced to Die
    Chapter VII. The Death
    Chapter VIII. The Spider of Ghasta
    Chapter IX. Phor Tak of Jhama
    Chapter X. The Flying Death
    Chapter XI. “Let The Fire Be Hot!”
    Chapter XII. The Cloak of Invisibility
    Chapter XIII. Tul Axtar’s Women
    Chapter XIV. The Cannibals of U-Gor
    Chapter XV. The Battle of Jahar
    Chapter XVI. Despair
    Chapter XVII. I Find a Princess