• A Hundred fables of La Fontaine
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    A Hundred fables of La Fontaine

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    Notes: “A Hundred fables of La Fontaine” offers a selection of some of Jean de La Fontaine’s best known La Fontaine’s fables. These are all in verse. Jean de La Fontaine was a French poet and fabulist, who lived and worked during the XVII century. For special contributions to French literature was elected to the French Academy of Sciences in 1684. Published in 1668, the collection of fables brought La Fontaine international fame. The works of the ancient Greeks, Indian storytellers, other fabulists and folk tales about animals serve as a source of inspiration for the author. Drawing motives from these works, La Fontaine brings new life to the fable genre.

    Author: Jean de La Fontaine

    Published: 1900

    Publisher: John Lane Co., London; New York

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