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    Notes: Adventure tells about the confrontation between a man who finds himself alone in front of a plantation – harassed by blacks cannibals – and a bold, independent and liberated feminist woman, Joan Lackland, who’s arrival at the plantation turns everything upside down…

    Published in 1911, this novel, a devastating portrayal of colonialism and slavery set in the Solomon Islands, has generated considerable controversy since its publication over the question of whether London shared the racist beliefs of his characters or, on the contrary, was merely presenting them accurately.

    “We are those fools who could not rest
    In the dull earth we left behind,
    But burned with passion for the West,
    And drank strange frenzy from its wind.
    The world where wise men live at ease
    Fades from our unregretful eyes,
    And blind across uncharted seas
    We stagger on our enterprise.”


    Author: Jack London

    Country: United States

    Language: English

    Genre: Adventure/Fiction/Classics

    Published: 1911