• Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
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    Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

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    Notes: Contains 27 Ukrainian folktales.

    Author: Various

    Illustrator: Noel L. Nisbet

    Translator: R. Nisbet Bain

    Published: Unknown

    Publisher: George G. Harrap & Co.

    In this volume you will find 27 uniquely Slavonic and Cossack stories like “The Story Of Unlucky Daniel,” “The Vampire And St Michael,” “The Tsar And The Angel,” “The Story Of Ivan And The Daughter Of The Sun” and more not heard in the west for many a year. This volume of stories has been selected from a Slavonic dialect extraordinarily rich in folk-tales. The language is Ruthenian, or the language of the Cossacks. This was the first translation ever made from Ruthenian into English. There are peculiar and original elements in these stories not to be found in the folk-lore of other European peoples, The comparative isolation of the Cossacks, and their remoteness from the great theaters of historical events, has seen favorable conditions for the safe preservation of old myths and the easy development of new ones. Ruthenian is a language intermediate between Russian and Polish, but independent of both. Its territory embraces, that vast area which lies between the Carpathian Mountains and the Sea of Azov, with Lemberg and Kiev for its chief intellectual centers. Until independence the language was rigorously repressed by the Soviet Government, and has since been a foundation from which modern Ukrainian has been developed. It possesses a noble literature, numerous folk-songs and a copious collection of justly admired folk-tales, many of them of great antiquity, which are regarded, both in Russia and Poland, as quite unique of their kind. 33% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity. YESTERDAY’S BOOKS for TODAY’S CHARITIES

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