• John Carter of Mars (Barsoom #11)
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    John Carter of Mars (Barsoom #11)

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    Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Barsoom series: #11

    Country: United States

    Language: English

    Genre: Science Fantasy novel

    Published: 1964

    Origin: Project Gutenberg


    John Carter and the Giant Of Mars
    Chapter 1. Abduction
    Chapter 2. The Search
    Chapter 3. Joog the Giant
    Chapter 4. The City of Rats
    Chapter 5. Chamber of Horrors
    Chapter 6. Pew Mogel
    Chapter 7. The Flying Terror
    Chapter 8. The Reptile Pit
    Chapter 9. Attack on Helium
    Chapter 10. Two Thousand Parachutes
    Chapter 11. A Daring Plan
    Chapter 12. The Fate of a Nation
    Chapter 13. Panic
    Chapter 14. Adventure’s End

    Skeleton Men of Jupiter
    Chapter 1. Betrayed
    Chapter 2. U Dan
    Chapter 3. The Morgors of Sasoom…
    Chapter 4. …And the Savators
    Chapter 5. I Would Be a Traitor
    Chapter 6. Escape
    Chapter 7. Pho Lar
    Chapter 8. In The Arena
    Chapter 9. To Zanori