• Outa Karel’s Stories South African Folk-Lore Tales
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    Outa Karel’s Stories South African Folk-Lore Tales

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    Notes: Contains 15 South African folktales.

    Author: Sanni Metelerkamp

    Published: 1914

    Publisher: Macmillan and Co., Limited St. Martin’s Street, London

    The following computer-generated description may contain errors and does not represent the quality of the book:

    My thanks are due to Dr. Maitland Park, Editor of The Cape Times, and Adv. B.K. Long, M.L.A., Editor of The State, for their kind permission to republish such of these tales as have appeared in their papers.

    For the leading idea in “The Sun” and “The Stars and the Stars’ Road,” I gladly acknowledge my indebtedness to that monument of patient labour and research, Specimens of Bushman Folk-lore,” by the late Dr. Bleek and Miss Lucy Lloyd.

    Further, I lay no claim to originality for any of the stories in this collection – ” at best a very small proportion of a vast store from which the story-teller of the future may draw, embodying the superstitions, the crude conceptions, the childish ideas of a primitive and rapidly disappearing people.

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