• Synthetic Men of Mars (Barsoom #9)
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    Synthetic Men of Mars (Barsoom #9)

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    Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Barsoom series: #9

    Country: United States

    Language: English

    Genre: Science Fantasy novel

    Published: 1940

    Origin: Project Gutenberg

    Like several previous novels in the Barsoom series, Synthetic Men introduces a completely new character as its protagonist: Vor Daj, a padwar (warrior) from Helium and a member of John Carter’s personal guard.[2] Vor Daj narrates the action in the first person, so that when John Carter appears in the story, he is described in the third person (unlike other Barsoomian novels that feature Carter as the first-person narrator). The novel also brings back a familiar character, Ras Thavas, the amoral mad scientist from the earlier novel The Master Mind of Mars.

    John Carter and Vor Daj seek Thavas’s surgical aid for Carter’s wife Dejah Thoris, injured in an accident. Thavas, however, proves hard to find. Since the events of Master Mind he has transferred his base to a hidden location, which is ultimately found to be the dead city of Morbus in the Toonolian Marshes. There he has been experimenting in growing monstrous synthetic human beings called hormads. The most intelligent of these turn on him and force him to grow an army of hormads with which to conquer Barsoom. They also force their captive to transplant their brains into the bodies of imprisoned normal Martians.

    Captured by the hormads and imprisoned with Ras Thavas, Carter and Daj plot with the scientist against the synthetic man. Vor Daj’s brain is transplanted into the body of a hormad named Tor-dur-bar to enable him to spy on their captors, and his adventures form the bulk of the story. He falls in love with a fellow captive, the red woman Janai of Amhor, but his love seems hopeless while his consciousness resides in the body of a monster, particularly after it seems that his original body has been destroyed. –wikipedia