• The Prince and the Pauper
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    The Prince and the Pauper

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    Author: Mark Twain

    Country: England

    Language: English

    Genre: Classics / Realistic fiction

    Published: 1881

    This treasured historical satire, played out in two very different socioeconomic worlds of 16th-century England, centers around the lives of two boys born in London on the same day: Edward, Prince of Wales and Tom Canty, a street beggar. During a chance encounter, the two realize they are identical and, as a lark, decide to exchange clothes and roles–a situation that briefly, but drastically, alters the lives of both youngsters. The Prince, dressed in rags, wanders about the city’s boisterous neighborhoods among the lower classes and endures a series of hardships; meanwhile, poor Tom, now living with the royals, is constantly filled with the dread of being discovered for who and what he really is.

    Table Of Contents:

    Chapter I. The birth of the Prince and the Pauper.
    Chapter II. Tom’s early life.
    Chapter III. Tom’s meeting with the Prince.
    Chapter IV. The Prince’s troubles begin.
    Chapter V. Tom as a patrician.
    Chapter VI. Tom receives instructions.
    Chapter VII. Tom’s first royal dinner.
    Chapter VIII. The question of the Seal.
    Chapter IX. The river pageant.
    Chapter X. The Prince in the toils.
    Chapter XI. At Guildhall.
    Chapter XII. The Prince and his deliverer.
    Chapter XIII. The disappearance of the Prince.
    Chapter XIV. ‘Le Roi est mort–vive le Roi.’
    Chapter XV. Tom as King.
    Chapter XVI. The State Dinner.
    Chapter XVII. Foo-foo the First.
    Chapter XVIII. The Prince with the tramps.
    Chapter XIX. The Prince with the peasants.
    Chapter XX. The Prince and the hermit.
    Chapter XXI. Hendon to the rescue.
    Chapter XXII. A victim of treachery.
    Chapter XXIII. The Prince a prisoner.
    Chapter XXIV. The escape.
    Chapter XXV. Hendon Hall.
    Chapter XXVI. Disowned.
    Chapter XXVII. In prison.
    Chapter XXVIII. The sacrifice.
    Chapter XXIX. To London.
    Chapter XXX. Tom’s progress.
    Chapter XXXI. The Recognition procession.
    Chapter XXXII. Coronation Day.
    Chapter XXXIII. Edward as King.
    Conclusion. Justice and retribution.