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    The Swedish Fairy Book

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    Notes: Contains 28 Swedish folktales.

    Author: Various

    Editor: Clara Stroebe

    Translator: Frederick H. Martens

    Published: 1921

    Publisher: Frederick A. Stokes Company

    Preface: The following volume of Swedish fairy-tales represents a careful choice, after the best original sources, of those examples of their kind which not only appeared most colorful and entertaining, but also most racially Swedish in their flavor. For the fairy-tales of each of the three Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, have a distinct local color of their own. The wealth of material available has made it possible to give due representation to most types of fairy-tales, from the stories of older origin, the tales of giant, troll, and werewolf, to such delightful tales as “Lasse, My Thrall”, and “The Princess and the Glass Mountain,” colored with the rich and ornate stylistic garb of medieval chivalric poesy. There has been no attempt to “rewrite” these charming folk-and fairy-tales in the translation. They have been faithfully narrated in the simple, naive manner which their traditional rendering demands. And this is one reason, perhaps, why they should appeal to young American readers—for young America by instinct takes kindly to that which is straightforward and sincere, in the realm of fairy-tale as in life itself.

    Frederick H. Martens

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