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    The Yellow Fairy Book

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    Notes: First published in 1894, this extensive fairy tale anthology was edited by Andrew Lang, a pioneering author and critic. By bringing together folk tales from all over the world and having them translated into English, many for the first time, he was able to create rich and varied collections of stories, opening readers’ eyes to a whole world of magical possibility overseas. 48 tales from all over the world include The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Tinder-box, How to Tell a True Princess, and The Nightingale, from Andersen, Grimm, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Germany, France, England, American Indians, and Iceland. Morals may be more memorable than details; endings may vary.

    Author: Various

    Editor: Andrew Lang

    Published: 1894

    Publisher: London, New York: Longmans, Green, and Co.

    Books Yellow, Red, and Green and Blue,
    All true, or just as good as true,
    And here’s the Yellow Book for YOU!

    Hard is the path from A to Z,
    And puzzling to a curly head,
    Yet leads to Books—Green, Blue, and Red.

    For every child should understand
    That letters from the first were planned
    To guide us into Fairy Land

    So labour at your Alphabet,
    For by that learning shall you get
    To lands where Fairies may be met.

    And going where this pathway goes,
    You too, at last, may find, who knows?
    The Garden of the Singing Rose.

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